AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure Burkard und Partner mbB


AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure Burkard und Partner mbB
Herr Romas Radtke
Geschäftsführender Partner
Wattstraße 10
13355 Berlin


030 814 54 60-0

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AKUT has been developing solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources as an independent engineering company since 1988 – A field that is now more important than ever. We are specialized in the field of water protection, wastewater treatment for municipalities and industry, constructed wetlands, biogas plant technology and environmentally friendly house and building technology. We have our own R&D department with many years of experience that stands in constant technical exchange with experts of our international network.

AKUT covers the entire spectrum of engineering activities: from consulting and concept development through planning and construction supervision to invoicing and commissioning. Since 1998, we have been applying our knowledge in the fields of urban water management, waste management, environmentally oriented production, energy generation/efficiency and climate protection within the framework of international development cooperation. AKUT has experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In Kampala, Uganda AKUT has an office to support its activities in East Africa.

In environmental consulting, the focus is on water supply, sanitation and waste management. Everything is done keeping political, economic, social and ecological aspects in mind.

Field of activity: Waste Water Treatment, Constructed Wetlands, Water Resources Management, Biogas, Energy Efficiency.

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