Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband


Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband
Team International Cooperation and Water Innovation Networks

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International operations

South Africa, Ukraine

The OOWV has been ensuring a reliable water supply in the northwest of Germany since 1948. Since 1999, it has also taken on the task of wastewater treament in many municipalities. Almost 1,000 employees work every day for the people from the East Frisian Islands to the district of Vechta and from the Ems to the Weser. 13 operating sites look after the almost 15,000 kilometer long pipeline network and 15 waterworks ensure a reliable supply of water around the clock. In addition, 44 wastewater treatment plants treat the wastewater produced in an environmentally friendly manner and return it to the water cycle.


Innovative und modern

Water supply is constantly facing new challenges, and not just due to climate change: Legal requirements, the protection of groundwater, conflicts of use, heavy rainfall events and advancing digitalization are just a few examples. OOWV employees develop innovative solutions, such as service water usage concepts for industry, and continuously optimize their own infrastructure. They work together with external experts in national and international projects, are actively involved in research and science, are in close contact with the agricultural sector and advise on the development of water-saving and environmentally friendly processes. We also support local authorities in the establishment of construction areas and the development of precipitation management systems, thereby facilitating growth in the association’s territory. The focus is always on environmental protection and sustainability.

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