EECCA is the abbreviation for “Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia” and covers all countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The new regional section EECCA is thus dedicated to the countries of the previous regional sections Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia, which will continue to be a focus of the forum’s work. These will now be complemented by the dynamic and emerging Caucasus region, which is also becoming increasingly interesting for German suppliers of innovative water and wastewater technology.

More on the future thematic focus will be discussed at the first meeting of the RF EECCA on 16th September 2021. We look forward to lively participation, new members and exciting exchange!

Please feel free to contact the forum management or your contact person at the GWP office with your questions, topic requests and ideas.


News & Information

Three regional sections become one

The 27th meeting of the Regional Section Russia marked a new beginning: For the last time, the Regional Section met under this name together with the two Regional Sections of Ukraine and Central Asia. In the future, all three sections will be combined under the new name “Regional Section EECCA”.

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UN World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

On 22nd March the United Nations call for the annual World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water”, the aim is to draw attention to the vital importance of water for people and how this resource can be protected.

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World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

The United Nations is calling for World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water” attention is being drawn worldwide to the vital importance of water for people and discussions are taking place on how this resource can be better protected. GWP and its international partners are participating with an online campaign.

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A set of measures for a sustainable water industry

GWP Board of Directors’ member Richard J. Vestner looks at four cross-industry trends and explains how they can work in unison to meet global challenges in the water sector.

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