Water for Peace: World Water Day 2024

Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Water Management – Global Water Responsibility

  • Solutions developed and implemented within the GWP network reflect its diversity and expertise.
  • Approved and “Made in Germany” – Quality and sustainability are at the core. Germany is a leading market, and its companies are leading providers for sustainable water resource management.
  • Through long-term international partnerships, the association and its members take responsibility and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Berlin, March 22, 2024 – On March 22, 2024, the world once again observes World Water Day. Under this year’s theme “Water for Peace,” the United Nations calls for actions that illustrate how sustainable water management can contribute to the creation of peace and stability worldwide. Given the ever-growing challenges posed by climate change, population growth, urbanization, crises, and conflicts, the significance of this vital element becomes increasingly apparent. Networks of companies and scientists are already taking global responsibility for water security.

“Water is the most essential resource for life on our planet. Access to clean drinking water and safe wastewater disposal is a basic right of all people. While this applies for some people, -and even has become a matter of course-, it is still a utopia for millions of others. However, there are already many good concepts and concrete expertise from those who can provide support and are already actively offering solutions,” explains Gunda Röstel, Chairwoman of German Water Partnership (GWP).

In this context, GWP members and partners play a crucial role. As the network of internationally active German water industry, GWP brings together nearly 300 companies, including scientific institutes, construction companies, consultants, professional associations, and globally represented component manufacturers. Their solutions can be tailored to address all water-related challenges.

The current challenges in the water sector are enormous: about 2 billion people live in regions with water stress, 3.6 billion lack access to safe sanitation facilities, and approximately 2.2 billion lack access to safe drinking water. The impacts of climate change exacerbate the crisis significantly. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events cause floods, high tides, or droughts, leading to the depletion or pollution of groundwater resources. Global population growth, urbanization, and ongoing conflicts further exacerbate the problems. They can only be addressed through joint efforts, partnership exchange, and responsible action.

“With proven process knowledge and innovative technologies ‘Made and approved in Germany,’ our members address the diverse global challenges related to water and play a decisive role in ensuring essential services and in key economic sectors such as infrastructure, industrial production, and agriculture,” says Boris Greifeneder, Managing Director of GWP. “Our members cover the entire spectrum from project ideation to development and long-term operation of facilities. Quality and sustainability are always at the forefront.”

This year’s annual conference, therefore, focuses on the theme “Global Water Responsibility – Together for the Global Water Transformation.” On July 3, the network will meet with partners, industry experts, policymakers, and sponsors in Berlin to discuss the role of the German water industry in the global water transformation. “Achieving SDG 6, which includes long-term water availability, efficient water use, and the promotion of water resource management, is an ambitious goal that can be tackled together and responsibly,” Greifeneder emphasizes.

By establishing long-term international partnerships, GWP takes responsibility and makes an important contribution to achieving the SDGs with its members. The network successfully implements projects to strengthen clean and safe water supply worldwide. These include chamber and association partnerships and a PartnerAfrica project. GWP relies on the support of various federal ministries, such as the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) or the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection (BMUV) through the Export Initiative Environmental Technologies – GreenTech “Made in Germany”.

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With its approximately 300 members – ranging from university institutes and numerous small and medium-sized companies to municipal operators and globally represented component manufacturers – GWP has been working since 2008 to solve water and wastewater challenges worldwide. International partnerships play a significant role. Through close exchange and knowledge transfer on sustainable technologies, GWP contributes holistically to improving global water and wastewater management and successfully implements projects. The association is supported by the Federal Ministries of Economic Affairs, Environment, Education and Research, Economic Cooperation, and the Foreign Office.

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