Chamber Association Partnership (DEVIWAS)

[Project completed] German-Vietnamese Association Partnership for competence development in the Vietnamese water sector

Within the framework of the Chamber and Association Partnership Programme, BMZ supported the project DEVIWAS – German-Vietnamese Association Partnership for Competence Development in the Vietnamese Water Sector via Sequa GmbH. DEVIWAS was implemented based on cooperation between GWP and the Vietnamese Water and Wastewater Association VWSA.

The first phase of the project ran from June 2013 to May 2016 and was successfully completed. The second phase has been running since June 2016 and the project was completed in May 2019. During the project period, the VWSA was supported in demand-oriented association work and effective know-how transfer. At the same time, GWP members gained direct access to the Vietnamese water sector, which resulted in numerous cooperations and project assignments.



Project results

  • Management and organization of VWSA are professional and have a sustainable financing concept.
  • VWSA offers a needs-based service.
  • VWSA is a recognized dialogue partner and information mediator in the water sector for businesses, politics, administration and the public.
  • VWSA has strengthened its international network and supports international technology transfer.

Project highlights

  • 5 Vietnamese-German Water Forums
  • 40 workshops and conferences
  • 100 trainings
  • 6000 participants

Partner association

The Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) was founded in 1988 as a member of the Vietnam Construction Association and established itself as an independent water sector association in 2011. Within the national association, 6 regional associations are organised: one each for water supply and sanitation in North, Central and South Vietnam. Currently, the association has about 360 members, mainly municipal water suppliers and wastewater treatment companies, but also private suppliers, consulting companies, universities and research institutions belong to the membership. VWSA thus covers a large part of the Vietnamese water sector.

News & Information

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