Good networks pay off

6 reasons to become a member of GWP

1. Networking, cooperation, dialogue

German politics and its implementing organizations
GWP strengthens the position of the German water sector in international markets through exchange and cooperation with ministries and trade associations.

International politics and decision makers
GWP strengthens the position of the German water sector in international markets through communication and cooperation with international decision makers.

Advice on funding opportunities
GWP provides support in financing as well as preparing and accompanying investments in developing and emerging countries, particularly within the framework of the instruments of the German federal ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

F. l. t. r.: fLTR: Nilgün Parker (Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety), Gunda Röstel (GWP), Svenja Schulze (Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety), Julia Braune (GWP), Hubertus Soppert (GWP) at the congress “Environmental protection – made in Germany” (2018) © Wolfgang Borrs Kongress „Umweltschutz – Made in Germany“ um BMU

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2. Connecting business and science

Scientific cooperation
In our network business and science work together in order to transform research results into marketable products and concepts in a timely manner.

Expertise in education and training
Provision of academic and operational expertise for the sustainable development of the international water sector.

Access to research programs
Our global network facilitates international research cooperation in water projects in the focus countries.

3. Access to international markets and networks

A strong presence at trade fairs with GWP
German Water Partnership organizes joint booths for GWP members at national and international trade fairs to showcase the German water sector.

GWP days in focus countries and regions
In close cooperation with regional experts, GWP organizes country-specific conferences with accompanying exhibition, workshops and individual B2B meetings for the systematic contact initiation with companies and decision makers.

Delegation trips
GWP organizes delegation trips with different main topics for systematic contact and business initiation with companies and decision makers in the focus countries.

GWP joint booth at the IFAT in Munich (2018) © GWP

4. Increased visibility of your company

Nationale und internationale Präsenz
Präsentieren Sie Ihr Unternehmen auf professionell organisierten Gemeinschaftsständen von außerordentlicher Präsenz und profitieren Sie von der Darstellung Ihres Unternehmens als Teil eines erfolgreichen Netzwerkes.

Nutzung des Logos “Member of”
Ihre Mitgliedschaft zur Imagesteigerung: Als Mitglied von GWP gehören Sie einem starken und erfolgreichen Netzwerk an – demonstrieren Sie Ihre Zugehörigkeit durch Abbildung des Logos!

Präsens in GWP-Marketingtools
GWP als Multiplikator zur Präsentation Ihrer Kompetenzen und Referenzen in den verschiedenen Marketinginstrumenten!

5. Exclusive opportunities to participate in country-specific project teams

Present and active worldwide
You can participate in GWP’s project teams (our regional sections) on currently 14 focus countries and regions.

First-hand information on target markets
GWP members regularly exchange experiences and information on respective target markets: a competitive advantage in establishing contacts and project development.

Contact and business initiations
As a member you receive country-specific support for business initiations through systematic activities in the focus countries and regions.


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6. Support for your international presence

Become part of a strong network!
If you have questions regarding the GWP membership, please contact your contact person at GWP HQ who you will find at the right-hand side of the page. We will be happy to answer your questions personally and provide you with advice.

Secure your ticket to international markets!

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