Project Partnerships – Developing a Sustainable International Network

Chamber and Association Partnerships

These projects are funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and will be implemented through sequa gGmbH. The BMZ aims to mobilize the expertise and know-how of the German economy for development cooperation through these programs, enable direct cooperation among non-governmental actors, and engage initiatives from the private sector. The projects are generally designed for three years and can be extended for an additional three years in a second phase.

Since 2013, GWP has been entrusted with the implementation of three Chamber and Association Partnerships. Within these projects, GWP collaborates directly with a partner association in a target country or region. The goal of these partnerships is to strengthen the partner association through various measures, thereby enabling them to improve the water management situation in the country/region.

On the other hand, companies from the German water industry gain direct access to a network operating at the national/regional level, providing them with a platform to showcase products and services, deepen collaborations, and initiate business opportunities.

PartnerAfrica Project

As part of the Special Initiative on Training and Employment, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports the PartnerAfrica Project AGTIWAS – African-German Training Initiative for Water and Sanitation – through sequa gGmbH, aimed at establishing an African Water and Sanitation Academy (AWASA). The project is conducted based on the cooperation between GWP and the African Water and Sanitation Association (AfWASA), and, following its establishment, their training academy for professionals in the water and wastewater sector.