Successful cooperation in Solapur, India

GWP members from the Regional Section India implement project for water quality measurement

With the implementation of a system for online monitoring of drinking water in Solapur, an important milestone was celebrated. The measuring system, installed in the course of the “Smart Water Quality Monitoring” project, is a decisive step on the way to an improved water supply.
The start of the measurements is a great success – not only for the Indian city and its inhabitants, but also for the participating GWP members NIVUS GmbH, Jumo India as well as Fraunhofer IGB and Umwelttechnik BW. The project is funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg.

In August 2021, the comissioning of the new water treatment plant was celebrated in Solapur. The project is the result of a long-standing partnership between Baden-Württemberg and the Indian state of Maharashtra. After thorough preparation and participatory workshops with decision-makers, the system in Solapur now ensures digital monitoring of the water treatment of the city’s largest waterworks.

The implementation of “Smart Water Quality Monitoring” was made possible by funding from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Social Affairs. The project is supported by Umwelttechnik BW (UTBW). Technical and scientific support is provided by the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB).

Innovative measuring system for the long-term improvement of drinking water quality

Solapur is a metropolis repeatedly suffering from water shortages. In addition, the scarce resources are exposed to high levels of pollution due to discharges from other cities further up the stream. The newly installed measuring system will provide information about the quality of water and type of possible contamination. For this purpose, quality parameters are measured, including the pH value and conductivity of the water. Furthermore, a flow meter was installed to measure and monitor the amount of water that is transported to the plant. In a next step, measures can be developed to improve the water supply in the long term.

The measured values are collected in a JUMO cloud system, which enables real-time monitoring of the data and its evaluation from both, India and Germany, thus simplifying the exchange and communication processes.

German Water Partnership members providing important technological solutions

The Regional Section India from German Water Partnership was significantly involved in the successful implementation of the project: Two german measurement technology providers joined forces to develop the cloud solution for data transmission and a joint control cabinet for the measuring transducers and the transmission was realised.
The cooperation enabeling the development of the digital solution for data acquisition once again shows the inherent strengths of GWP networking and international collaboration.

Even pandemic-related difficulties were overcome thanks to good communication and joint approaches: “The project was slowed down by the Covid-Pandemic, which impacted India severly. However, we were able to compensate for trips to India through digital meetings. I am very grateful to the German and Indian partners for their commitment and flexibility. It was important to have good project partners on the ground who took over planning and organisational tasks,” says Marc Beckett, project manager at Fraunhofer IGB.

Now that the new treatment plant has been commissioned, the next step of the project will be the evaluation of the measuring results. Solapur’s Mayor Srikanchana Yennam and Shivanand Patil, Leader of House of the city of Solapur, welcome the cooperation and look forward to further joint projects.

GWP congratulates its members and all parties involved on the successful project and productive partnership!

Picture (c): Let’s Bridge IT