Most of those responsible in India are aware that the supply of clean water will be the greatest challenge in the coming years. Many publications mention the year 2025, from when the supply of clean water cannot be guaranteed. There is great pressure on the Indian decision-makers here.
The market in India is very price-sensitive and, due to its sheer size, confusing. The demand for plants for the treatment of drinking water and the purification of waste water is very high.

Due to the non-transparent and intricate bureaucracy in India, however, concrete investments are still insufficient. The “Clean Ganga Mission”, which has been in existence for 25 years, has so far used only a small fraction of the available budget. The new “Smart City Program” is supported by the German government in three cities. The Indian water market is growing and becoming more dynamic.

Our Goals

In addition to the already existing exchange about the market and the challenges it must be a goal to establish a joint GWP project in India to show case it and demonstrate the competence of German GWP members under real conditions in India.

Looking back

The active members of the regional section started in 2009 with originally inhomogeneous and often vague ideas about Indian market access in the water sector. The first aim was to establish a general exchange of experiences and contacts with the German Embassy and the AHK in Delhi.

In 2010 the first thoughts were given to an Indo-GWP-Day in Bangalore and the participation at IFAT India.

To date/in the meanwhile, there has been a GWP joint stand at all five IFAT India trade fairs and four GWP Days have been held in which the members have played a leading role.


“If you have long-term goals to position yourself in the Indian water market and work persistently on the implementation of these goals, this is a market in which you have to play a part.”

Peter Althaus (ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH)

“It is clear that the Indian water market is growing and becoming increasingly dynamic. The country forum tries to be a part of and to support and accompany more members on this sometimes tough but definitely successful path.”

Michael Kuhn (KUHN GmbH)


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