„Fact Finding Mission Moldova“

June 15 -17, 2022

Together with Prof. Dr.- Ing. Peter Hartwig, GWP Regional Forum Leader Southeast Europe (AquaConsult), and Philip Bargheer (AquaConsult) as well as Thomas Deutzmann and Florian Kestner (ATB Water GmbH), German Water Partnership e.V. spoke with Moldova’s Minister of Environment Iuliana Cantaragiu and Member of Parliament Ina Coseru about the main challenges in Moldova’s water and wastewater sector: water reuse, agricultural irrigation and industrial wastewater treatment with a special focus on sewage sludge treatment.

Minister Cantaragiu showed great interest in bringing GWP member companies active in these areas together with policy makers and representatives from industry and agriculture in Moldova. As a next step, another meeting is planned in Chisinau in November 2022.

AquaConsult and ATB WATER GmbH are already supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment in Moldova by introducing SBR – Sequencing Batch Reactors – an activated sludge process with aeration and a biological flocculation of bacteria and protozoa. The biological wastewater treatment plant they built for the Asconi winery near the Moldovan capital Chisinau was officially inaugurated during the joint visit. On this occasion, which was widely covered by local media, other wineries as well as numerous industrial companies expressed their interest in closed-loop technologies for the treatment of their industrial wastewater.