– Founded in 1999 by Dagobert and Markus Baumann / based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany / first production in private garage

– Successful model: with the AQUAMAX® to the “Gamechanger”



– ATB WATER: Technology / BBW: tanks made of concrete precast elements / B&N: maintenance and service

– Germany / branches in Belgium, France & Romania / worldwide

– More than 100 people work for us

– More than 500,000 people worldwide use our systems



– Small sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants for domestic and special wastewater up to approx. 300 m3/d

– Equipment for sewage treatment plants: Aeration, mixing and decanting / up to approx. 70kW / domestic and industrial wastewater

– SEWTREE as a solution for surface, grey and wastewater in cities / urban climate / air pollution control / Smartcity