South-East Europe

The Regional Forum establishes and maintains contacts with Southeast European institutions and companies, participates in trade fairs and organizes trips and conferences in order to accelerate the business development of German companies and water management institutions in Southeast Europe.

The Regional Section meets 2-3 times a year to coordinate activities and exchange information on individual countries. The focus is on cooperation and commitment to the activities in order to operate as closely as possible to the target markets. So far, several GWP Days have been successfully organized in various countries and special lecture formats have also been held at IFAT and Wasser Berlin International (WBI).

The close exchange between the German representatives and the contact to international partners opens new project opportunities and gives them good opportunities to enter the markets.

The focal points of the work and the goals of the forum are regularly adapted to the interests of the participating companies. The current focus countries are: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

TCC Danubio

Out of the forum the training and competence center “TCC Danubio’s” was founded in 2014, which offers a wonderful cooperation platform for active companies. In cooperation with German companies, this initiative is currently offering training mainly in Croatia and Serbia. Through the training measures the companies involved establish very good contact with representatives of the sector in the respective countries and at the same time provide them with details about new projects and developments at an early stage.

News & Information

GWP is a partner at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London

We are delighted to be supporting the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London on 22-23 February 2022. The World Water-Tech Innovation Summit has become a catalyst for innovation and an annual meeting place for the global water ecosystem. Utilities, regulators, engineering firms, technology giants, start-ups, and investors come together to share their experiences and identify future partners.

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UN World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

On 22nd March the United Nations call for the annual World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water”, the aim is to draw attention to the vital importance of water for people and how this resource can be protected.

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World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

The United Nations is calling for World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water” attention is being drawn worldwide to the vital importance of water for people and discussions are taking place on how this resource can be better protected. GWP and its international partners are participating with an online campaign.

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A set of measures for a sustainable water industry

GWP Board of Directors’ member Richard J. Vestner looks at four cross-industry trends and explains how they can work in unison to meet global challenges in the water sector.

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