World Water Day 2022: Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible

German Water Partnership emphasises the importance of groundwater as a freshwater resource and calls for an even greater focus on water across all sectors.

Berlin, 22.03.2022: German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP) is the network of the internationally oriented German water industry. To mark World Water Day 2022, themed “Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible”, the association points out the role of the resource groundwater and its importance for all areas of life and all sectors of the economy.

With about 300 members, GWP has been campaigning for solutions to water management problems since its foundation in 2008. The association works with stakeholders all over the world. With “water” at the centre of the network’s activities and groundwater as the largest freshwater resource, World Water Day is an important opportunity to draw attention to the importance of this limited resource.
Julia Braune, GWP General Manager, states: „In our working groups and regional sections, we are in close contact with experts from a wide range of disciplines and countries. Dwindling groundwater reserves are an urgent global challenge – that is why international cooperation is indispensable and highly important for a cross-border sustainable groundwater management all over the world.“

GWP supports this goal through the export of Know-how and German technologies. One example for the successful transfer of expertise are the Sustainable Utility Partnerships (SUP) between German operators in the GWP membership and water operators in developing and emerging countries, in which experiences are shared and long-term partnerships are established.

Groundwater – a limited resource

Groundwater is indispensable. That is why the appreciation of this resource must increase: “The thematic intersections with the topic of water and groundwater in particular are diverse. They range from nutrition and health to education and economic development,” Julia Braune explains. “This results in the need to take the topic in consideration much earlier and to integrate it into planning processes, e.g. in the planning of “smart cities”, in the field of agriculture and in the development of industrial production sites. Our members have the expertise required for this in all areas of competence in the water sector.”
Particularly important in this context is the consideration of climate change and the resulting developments in the years ahead: “We are already confronted with increasing water stress in many areas – here in Germany, as well. To counteract this development, the highest priority must be to ensure the responsible use of the limited resource of groundwater.”

About German Water Partnership e.V.

German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP) is a network of around 300 companies and institutions that unites stakeholders of the German industry and research in the water sector. From university institutes to globally represented component manufacturers, the network offers a diversity of expertise. Since its founding in 2008, the initiative has been supported by the five Federal Ministries for the Environment, Research, Development, Economics and the Federal Foreign Office.

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