UN World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

German Water Partnership unites voices of international partners

Berlin, 22 March 2021: On 22nd March the United Nations call for the annual World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water”, the aim is to draw attention to the vital importance of water for people and how this resource can be protected. Since 2008, the German Water Partnership and its over 300 members have been working to solve water and wastewater management challenges worldwide. International partnerships play a crucial role to achieve this. Close exchange and the transfer of know-how and sustainable water technologies from Germany, GWP makes a holistic contribution to improving water supply and wastewater disposal in developing and emerging countries.

The motto of this year’s World Water Day “Valuing water” reflects the need for proper water management. This is the only way to achieve the global goals of the United Nations. “The aim of German Water Partnership is to find sustainable solutions worldwide to the challenges in the water and wastewater sector. This requires networking and international cooperation. That is why our international partnerships play a prominent role,” says Julia Braune, Managing Director of German Water Partnership.

In a campaign to mark World Water Day, GWP has called on its international partners to use their voices to draw attention to the value of water. The campaign shows that water is not only of fundamental global importance for health, economic diversity and the fight against climate change. Dialogue across national borders is a driving factor for the successful continued protection of this resource.

“Only through international exchange can we identify country-specific challenges in the water and wastewater sector and link the know-how and state-of-the-art technology of German companies with country-specific requirements,” adds Braune.

Water has a manifold meaning, depending on the need and benefit of each individual. The diversity of perspectives is necessary to contribute to holistic solutions in the water sector worldwide. However, one thing is universally true: the source of all life is water and, as a resource, it is in absolute need of protection.

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