World Water Day 2021: Valuing water

German Water Partnership unites voices of international partners

Berlin, 22 March 2021

The United Nations is calling for World Water Day. Under the motto “Valuing water” attention is being drawn worldwide to the vital importance of water for people and discussions are taking place on how this resource can be better protected. GWP and its international partners are participating with an online campaign.

The motto of this year’s World Water Day, “Valuing water” reflects the need for proper water stewardship. This is the only way to achieve the global goals of the United Nations. “The aim of German Water Partnership is to establish sustainable solutions worldwide for the challenges in the water and wastewater sector. This requires networking and cross-border cooperation,” says Julia Braune, Managing Director of German Water Partnership.

In a campaign to mark World Water Day, GWP has called on its international partners to use their voices to draw attention to the value of water. The campaign shows that water is not only of fundamental global importance for health and in the fight against climate change. Economic factors also play an essential role. In addition, dialogue across national borders is the driving force for successful ongoing protection of this vital resource.

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