To avoid the causes of flight, we must fight water shortage

German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP) on the coalition agreement of CDU / CSU and SPD

German Water Partnership, the internationally oriented association of German water management and water science, has noticed the results of the coalition negotiations with great interest.

We welcome the aim to make a more sustainable and effective approach on the protection of water and soil protection as well as climate protection. For the first time, clean water is being addressed as the most important basis of livelihood, thereby focusing on its importance for avoiding flight and migration. That’s right! It is also true that Africa should be given a special focus.

The Water Action Plan, compiled by German Water Partnership toghether with its over 300 members and the partners in the ministries and institutions, above all GIZ and KfW, suggests concrete, practicable measures to achieve these goals. Under the GWP umbrella, GWP’s German water management industry is prepared to make a contribution to better water management worldwide and to counteract the biggest water-related risks that are formulated by the World Economic Forum in the Global Risk Report. Two of the central instruments are utility partnerships between international and German local water management companies and the dissemination of sustainable technologies.


Foto by Walter J. Pilsak, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons