Stefan Reuter

Stefan Reuter © GWP 2022

Field of expertise: Long-term expert of the chamber and association partnership between GWP and AfWA: GAPWAS (German-African Partnership for Water and Sanitation) on site in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Carreer: Abitur at the French Gymnasium Berlin, bricklayer apprenticeship in Lower Saxony after foreign assignments in Denmark and Zimbabwe, agricultural hydraulic engineering at the FH Suderburg, scholarship holder in Bolivia, 6 years of municipal civil engineering for engineering firms in Wolfenbüttel and Friedberg/Hesse.

Language skills: German, Danish, English, French, Spanish



4 questions for Stefan Reuter

What connects you with the water sector and what attracts you to project-related work for German Water Partnership e.V.?

Water management is fun – and makes sense! Leading an association partnership for over 300 member organisations is an honour for me!

What fascinates you about the African continent and what experience do you bring to the work in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire?

Many people meet me here with an often disarming cheerfulness. This is my fourth work assignment in Africa – after Benin, a second time with French as the national language. In addition, I have had cooperation experience and short-term assignments in another 12 countries in western, eastern and southern Africa.

What are your goals for the further development of the partnership with the African Water Association and what opportunities do you see in it for companies in the German water sector?

The continuation and expansion of a trusting cooperation, especially with the member companies active in the Regional Section Africa of German Water Partnership. The dynamic growth of the economy and population together with the enormous importance of water management for security and development will make Africa an important growth market for equipment suppliers, planners and operators for years to come.

Water means to you?

What my blood circulation is to my life, the water cycle is to all life on earth, powered by the sun.