Project ATLANTIS Brochure

ATLANTIS – Feasability study on wastewater treatment plants as a resource for water, energy and nutrients in arid regions using the example of Egypt

In Egypt, not only are the available water resources per capita declining, but energy costs are rising, subsidies are being reduced and important nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus have to be imported at increasingly expensive prices. The ATLANTIS project therefore aims at converting existing wastewater treatment plants into water, nutrient and energy suppliers by means of an exemplary feasibility study. In other words, the wastewater treatment plants are to be transformed from expensive “consumers” to “producers”.

The project is carried out by a consortium of TU Berlin, p2m berlin GmbH, Kleine Solutions GmbH, Holding Company for Water and Wastewater in cooperation with the GIZ Water and Wastewater Management Programme and GWP.

Supported by the Export Initiative for Environmental Technologies of BMU