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BINDERGROUP designs and manufactures equipment and systems for gas flow measurement, gas pressure and temperature control, biogas analysis, and aeration control for biological purification in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Our corporate slogan, “BETTER CONTROL. BETTER ENVIRONMENTunderlines  the use of all our products to conserve investment assets, improve processes safety and efficiency, and protect the environment while offering our customers the highest economic and performance value.

VACOMASS® is a unique modular system for the control of air supply and air distribution to different aeration tanks in WWTPs. The system mainly consists of the following:

  • Thermal mass flowmeters
  • Various types of precise control valves with extremely low pressure drop and high repeatability.
  • Smart control system for DO-control and improved nitrogen removal as well as diffuser maintenance. The system utilizes artificial intelligence through complex algorithms that are very user-friendly as a stand-alone system or working alongside an DCS

The VACOMASS® system provides high process stability, sustainability, low maintenance, ease of use and integration while maximizing the energy cost saving.

COMBIMASS® gas flow meter and analyzer can be used for digester gas monitoring and control in agricultural biogas plants, biogas from sewage treatment plants, landfills, and solid waste treatment plants. The product line includes the following instruments that are crucial for the improvement of process stability and operational safety in biogas plants:

  • Durable biogas flowmeters with integrated humidity correction to maximize the accuracy in wet gas applications. Explosion-proof transmitters are also available.
  • Portable and stationary analyzers to measure gas quality and chemistry.  They include a unique integrated maintenance diagnosis system for longevity and long-time reliability. Modular design of analyzer stations enables an easy maintenance at site using a Click-OUT/ Click-INsystem, available in EX version as well as for different climate zones in indoor or outdoor installations

The combination of flow metering and analysis shall give precise and reliable information about the output of the biogas plant, which can be used for further control purposes.



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