GWP on UN World Water Day 2020

German Water Partnership on UN World Water Day 2020: „Everyone has a role to play.“

Berlin, 22 March 2020 – On Sunday, the UN World Water Day is celebrated. One of this year’s claims is: „Everyone has a role to play.“ In times of the corona virus this call is more present in our daily lives than ever. We follow it several times a day, when we wash our hands. Clean water from the tap, anytime and anywhere – in Germany we take this for granted. About 40% of the world population don’t. In the poorest countries, even 75% of the population have no access to clean water. 

„Our awareness for the significance of water for health, development and the economy has to rise to the same level as our awareness for the dangers of a global pandemic“, pleads Julia Braune, General Manager at German Water Partnership (GWP). „This also holds true for the interrelation between water and climate change. 

Water and climate change 

The UN World Water Day 2020 focuses on the connection between water and climate. Both mutually affect each other. An increasing number of droughts, floods and other extreme meteorological events in many regions of the world increase water stress and exacerbate the access to water. Sanitation, hygiene and water are critical for socio-economic development, food security and a healthy environment. „Clean Water and Sanitation“ – the UN’s sustainable development goal #6 – has a direct connection to almost all other SDGs. 

„Using water efficiently does not only mean to face and alleviate the effects of climate change today. It also reduces CO2-emissions“, explains GWP General Manager Braune – be it in agriculture, public infrastructure, private consumption or the industrial sector. 

Germany has an important role to play as well

Germany can play an important role in achieving the sustainable development goals. Numerous actors from the German water sector are active globally, very well connected and have a high reputation. „Apart from cutting-edge technology, they bring a high level of flexibility, readiness to adapt to local needs and with their solutions they establish the groundwork for truly sustainable economic activities “, Braune explains.

The increasing connection between development cooperation and foreign trade promotion is especially important for the water sector. In this context, GWP was founded over ten years ago – by private companies as well as the Federal Ministries of Foreign Affairs (AA), Economics (BMWi), Environment (BMU), Research and Education (BMBF) and Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

With its over 300 members, GWP fosters the promotion of a sustainable use of water on a global level. „We strongly welcome that this year’s World Water Day focuses on the connection between water and climate change“, says Braune. „ Our members devote their work to these issues every day in over 100 countries worldwide.“

About German Water Partnership e.V.

German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP) brings together over 300 private and public companies from the water sector, as well as other actors like trade associations, government agencies and research institutes. Since its foundation in 2008, the network has been supported by five federal ministries – for Environment, Research, Development, Economics and the Foreign Affairs. The main goal of GWP is to promote Germany’s high-quality products and services on a global level and to further improve the standing of the German water sector in international markets through information, networks and international partnerships. The claim “Solutions you can trust” stands for innovation, quality, safety and sustainability in the German water sector.


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