GTAI US-Delegation Visit Hof, Bavaria

Date and Time
24.07.2023 — 27.07.
Hof, Bayern

As part of an inbound delegation trip, decision-makers and multipliers from the USA will travel to Hofer Land in Bavaria, a region undergoing structural change and a GRW assisted area, to gain insights into the solutions and performance of the German – in particular the Bavarian – water and wastewater industry.
This measure is part of the program for the internationalization of regions in structural change (ISW) of Germany Trade & Invest.

In the upcoming program design, the focus on the German side will be on SMEs, some of which are highly specialized, in order to provide them with exclusive presentation opportunities and to enable them to establish new contacts with the US delegates. This is aimed at the long-term goal of increased internationalization for the region.

The program is designed with the interests of both foreign and German participants in mind in order to achieve the greatest possible added value for both sides.


Further information on the program design will follow.