DWA Online Seminar: “The German Water Sector – Learn from experience”

Date and Time
29.06.2021 — 01.07.

Participants will understand the basic setup of the German water sector – it´s structure, facts and figures, stakeholders, the administrative setup, history and current topics from the industry. The following questions are going to be answered:

  • Why does Germany have so many standards and rules?
  • Who develops them?
  • TVET – Technical Vocational Education and
    Training in the German water sector
  • TSM – Technical Safety Management system in Germany, in
    charge of energy, gas, water supply, wastewater and rivers
  • How are infrastructures organized and financed

Next to the overview on the German system, examples of adaptations and transfer possibilities to various countries will be covered.

Target group
People who work in the international water sector

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Source: DWA