Workshop on the usage of sewage sludge in Egypt

Cairo, 10-13.12.2019 – Two workshops took place in Cairo and Mansoura, bringing to a close the ENOSIS project of GWP members TU Berlin and p2m berlin GmbH in cooperation with the Egyptian Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW).

Representatives of TU Berlin, Prof. Geißen and Dr. Wellmann, Prof. Rifat of HCWW and Sarah Duschka of GWP meet the chairman of the Dakahlia Company, Eng. Khaled Nasr and his employees at the wastewater treatment plant in Mansoura.

In this context the project partners, GWP and other GWP members met representatives of Egyptian research institutes, universities and ministries. Furthermore, interested private sector and international stakeholders such as UNESCO participated and examined technical processes for the energetic use of sewage sludge. These meetings were also used to discuss the recently approved follow-up project ATLANTIS (also BMU Export Initiative) with the partners. In addition to the transfer of know-how and the exchange of ideas, a concept study on wastewater treatment plants as a resource for water, energy and nutrients in arid regions such as Egypt will be realized within the framework of the ATLANTIS project. GWP will accompany this project, which addresses four of the Sustainable Development Goals, in the next two years as project partner for coordination and public relations and will organize several workshops.