Water Rousources Developement Act 2018

Letzte Woche wurde der “Water Resources Development Act 2018” in den USA verabschiedet, der hohe Investitionen in den Wassersektor erwarten lässt.

Dean Amhaus, CEO unseres Partnerverbandes The Water Council hält dazu vielversprechend fest:

“The bipartisan Water Infrastructure Act signed by President Trump is a tremendous recognition that there is universal agreement that water is critical to our country,” said Dean Amhaus, president and chief executive officer of The Water Council, a water industry and technology hub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “The legislation includes many significant items to help address our nation’s growing water challenges, but I am especially pleased that Congress also agrees about the importance of investing in advancing new, innovative technological solutions. Many effective technologies are available in the marketplace already, and the insertion of the Water Technology Acceleration Act in the legislation will undoubtedly help ignite more water innovations.”