Sandrine Njeunga Sigui

Sandrine Sigui (c) private

Field of expertise: Project management: administration, finances, communication, event management

Carreer: Prior to working with GWP, she had the privilege of being involved in several projects and programmes within various international organisations. She has many years of experience in the field of development project management.

Graduate in envrionmental management and sustainable development, she is above all passionate about environmental issues, particularly the sustainable management of natural resources such as water.  To this end, she has had the opportunity to be involved in environmental impact assessment and audits, which are essential for the implementation of projects. Her jurist background has made her familiar with water management regulations.

Language skills: French, English, German

Water means to me: Water is life and everyone has the right to life! It is a valuable resource that must be managed sustainably to improve access and ensure its availability for future generations worldwide.

+225 07 98 97 76 26