Mr Helmut
Head Of Sales / Strategy Manager
Daimlerstr. 20
DE-76344 Eggenstein



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Water-i.d. GmbH has been producing and distributing reagents and products for water analysis for almost 20 years.
Over 100 different reagent types (tablets, powders, drops, tube tests), photometers, pool testers, test strips, comparators, mini-kits, electronic meters and bacterial tests are part of our product range.
Over the last almost 20 years, Water-i.d. has been awarded several times and by various bodies for its innovative strength. Whether tablet press-through blisters, photometers with Bluetooth and WiFi, app, software and cloud connection, the latest photometer sensor technology with 18 wavelengths recorded in parallel or the FlexiTester, a cost-effective combination of pool tester and comparator: all these were and are innovative accents that Water-i.d. has been able to set in the analysis industry.
Water-i.d. sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide and serves not only the pool/spa industry but also the drinking water, wastewater, laboratory, marine, cooling tower, boiler and food industry segments.
Water-i.d. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and stands for quality reagents, Made in Germany.