OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH


OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH
Herr Winfried Schellbach
Heidelbergweg 9
07580 Ronneburg


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Europe, South East Asia

OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH is a medium-sized company with decades of expertise in industrial water treatment. Our goal is the environmentally conscious use of water as a resource. Our products include analysis, monitoring and control systems for process water and cooling/air conditioning water. Our requirements for operational and process safety, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness set new standards. As a developer and plant manufacturer, we have all the strings in our own hands and offer customer-specific overall solutions.

In cooperation with regional universities and research institutes, we develop further sensors and plants that are oriented towards the requirements of our customers. Our benchmark is always to develop demand-oriented innovations for lasting customer satisfaction.

In addition to stationary monitoring and control units for parameters such as water hardness, pH, oxygen in industrial water and other parameters, OFS offers the mobile μdox multi-hand measuring device for the analysis of water as well as a module for the chemical-free disinfection of open cooling and air-conditioning circuits.


Online water hardness measurement with Softcontrolµdox handheld meter for the analysis of oxygen up to 1 ppb in water and gasesµdox handheld meter for the analysis of oxygen up to 1 ppb in water and gases