FUCHS Enprotec GmbH is a German engineering company active worldwide in the treatment of wastewater and sewage sludge. At our headquarters, we develop and produce innovative products for the aeration and mixing of water and wastewater and offer high-quality solutions for municipal and industrial applications. For each individual project, we work with consulting engineers and operators to design and manufacture the best treatment solution.
FUCHS aerators are self-priming aerators that combine fine-bubble deep aeration with a strong horizontal flow pattern. They ensure optimum aeration and mixing of municipal and industrial wastewater and are therefore ideal for use in aeration basins, aerated ponds and balancing basins. FUCHS aerators are also the first choice for retrofitting. They can easily be used as additional aeration or replace existing old aeration systems. The use of our own proven technologies is one of the reasons for FUCHS’ success.  Thousands of these quality products “Made in Germany” are in use around the world, trusted for their outstanding performance, reliability and long service life.