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Brentwood is a global company whose core competency is plastics processing. We design, engineer and manufacture plastic components and solutions for medical packaging, consumer products, stormwater management, water and wastewater treatment, cooling towers, construction and industrial battery applications.

In Europe, Brentwood focuses on water and wastewater treatment, cooling tower applications and mass transfer. Our brands BIOdek®, TUBEdek®, GEOdek®, PLASdek®, HUMIPACKING®, SANIPACKING®, MASSdek® stand for highest quality and reliability.

We have proven expertise in drinking water and wastewater treatment, especially in sedimentation technology, sludge collection and removal systems, and biofilm processes.

Our engineers use their experience with numerous treatment processes to develop the best solutions for specific applications and to successfully treat and recycle water.
In this way, we contribute to the sustainable use of a precious resource and help regions where water is particularly scarce to find and implement solutions for the treatment and reuse of wastewater.

In January 2022, Brentwood acquired ENEXIO Water Technologies, expanding the company’s global footprint, adding new capabilities and enabling the growth of Brentwood’s existing product lines.


Our products:

Potable water treatment:

  • TUBEdek® lamella separators for sedimentation, as free-standing units or for installation in concrete basins.
  • BIOdek® packed beds for CO2 degassing and biological nitrogen removal

Purification of municipal and industrial wastewater:

Different types of our packed beds in submerged fixed beds and trickling filters.

  • BIOdek® IFAS as a complete unit for the extension of activated sludge plants
  • TUBEdek® lamella clarifiers also for round basins

Rainwater infiltration:

  • GEOdek® as storage elements

Stormwater treatment:

  • TUBEdek® lamella separator

For all products we supply complementary accessories such as drainage channels, rotary sprinklers and supporting structures.


In addition to water applications, we also offer cooling tower and mass transfer applications:

  • PLASdek ® packing and mist eliminators for cooling towers.
  • MASSdek ® structured packings and internals for mass transfer columns
  • HUMIPACKING ® structured packings for air humidification and cooling, and AGRIdek for barn exhaust air treatment.

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