Fabian Fischer

Fabian Fischer (c) GWP

Field of expertise: As an Advisor for International Programs, Fabian Fischer is responsible for the Regional Sections East Asia and South & Southeast Asia. He is also in charge of the Working Group Agricultural Irrigation.

Carreer: After his training as an event manager in a museum and subsequent work in an ecotourism project in a Cambodian NGO, Fabian Fischer studied Asian Studies with a regional focus on Southeast Asia at the University of Bonn. Parallel to his studies, he worked as an independent project manager in the fields of trade fairs, events and tourism. He then completed his Master’s degree in Globalisation and Development at Maastricht University. The topic of resources, and water in particular, has always been a major focus of his studies.

Language skills: German, English, Indonesian, basic French

Water means to me: One of the most important global issues of our time, its sustainable shaping holds a multitude of opportunities and challenges.

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