Agricultural Irrigation

Water stress is an issue that is becoming increasingly significant in not only arid regions of the world, but also everywhere else. The global climate crisis and the associated ripple effects are undoubtedly can be felt more strongly also in Germany from year to year, bringing new challenges for many areas of our life through periods of drought and heat or heavy rainfall events.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the issues of food security, environmental and climate protection, and the sustainable use of resources are closely intertwined. Fortunately, all of these areas can be positively influenced through the efficient design of agricultural irrigation.

The members of this working group, as well as numerous other members of German Water Partnership are already actively developing strategies and technologies with which a positive development in these areas has long ceased to be theoretical. At the same time, the markets for agricultural irrigation solutions are still in an early stage of development. Farmers in regions with high water stress often still work with inefficient irrigation solutions that cause high water consumption. This is because there is often a lack of knowledge on how to successfully modernize and manage irrigation systems.

Hence, there is an increasing number of opportunities for German companies. For instance, in the areas of consulting, engineering, or the supply of components. By applying appropriate strategies and technologies, not only valuable resources such as water and energy are preserved, but also environmental and climate protection can be considered and positively influenced by a holistic approach.

The working group invites GWP members to inform themselves about challenges, needs and approaches to solutions in agricultural irrigation and to discuss and develop joint projects for a better positioning abroad as well as in Germany.


News & Information

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