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Aquaenergy GmbH
Frau Heike Schneider-Jenchen
CEO & Key Account
Pfaffensee 3
91301 Forchheim


+49 151 - 614 800 44

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The solution against biofilm, corrosion, lime and algae
Chemical-free water treatment in open and closed water cycles in industry and in administrative buildings

Biofouling, corrosion, lime and algae are degraded in water-carrying systems and absorbed via customer-specific filtering techniques. Existing biofilms are infiltrated and dissolved, amoeves with Legionella nests enclosed in them are released, destroyed and removed.

Our chemical-free water treatment is installed in industry for evaporative cooling systems, recooling plants, tool cooling, air conditioning and sprinkler systems, heat exchangers and extruders, among others. One of our 24 experts will be happy to assist you with individual advice.