Exhibition Singapore

24. – 27.06.2019, Singapore –

The exhibition focusing on water management in Singapore is initiated by eclareon GmbH in cooperation with German Water Partnership (GWP) and the German-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Singapore).

The conditions in Singapore are outstanding and a clear USP in the ASEAN region. This is due to the favorable geographic location, the infrastructure (second largest port in the world), the widespread use of the English in business, the stable legal and political framework and the highly skilled workforce.

Over the last few years, the city-state of Singapore has established itself as a lead market for environmental innovation. For a location with very limited natural resources, long-term urban planning combined with the use of smart and sustainable technologies, is essential for economic growth and prosperity and of high geopolitical importance. The Singaporean government has recognized the challenges and the environmental potential and has been pursuing a long-term strategy for sustainable Singapore ever since.

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