South-East Asia

Special Presentation on Vietwater 06.11.2019

Successfully establishing vocational training and skilled engineering technicians based on German standards in Vietnam Plus a visit by the German [...]

Merlion, Singapore

Exhibition Singapore

24. – 27.06.2019, Singapore – The exhibition focusing on water management in Singapore is initiated by eclareon GmbH in cooperation [...]

Water drops

Engagement in Vietnam true to the motto of World Water Day 2019: Leave no one behind

German Water Partnership organizes German-Vietnamese Water Forum This year’s World Water Day’s motto: “leaving no one behind – water [...]

German Water Partnership – Gateway to German Expertise

Excellence in water technology and water management – your flyer in your language → Netzwerk für Ihr Know-how (deutsch) → [...]

German Desk – Financial Support and Solutions

Together with partner banks and the local German Chambers of Commerce, DEG is offering “German Desks”. The service is available [...]

South-East Asia