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Paula Water GmbH
Dr. Richard Damiecki
Managing Director
Düsseldorfer Str. 25
D-41749 Viersen


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PAULA stands for Potable Aqua Unit – Lasting & Affordable.

PAULA is a stationary system that is capable of supplying drinking water around the clock. The system is easy to operate, consumes little power and can be installed in remote, difficult-to-access areas. PAULA´s primary benefit is for small villages in remote rural areas that are not connected by conduits to national, regional or local water systems. PAULA is also the optimal solution for companies and public institutions looking for an economical, independent drinking-water supply. PAULA is available in a variety of sizes, making it adaptable to the local drinking water requirements. PAULA can provide the vital daily water supply to between 300 and 2,600 people. Untreated surface water from rivers, lakes and ponds is transported into the system by an electrically operated pump.

Fields of activity:

  • Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania
  • Hospitals, SOS- children´s villages, village communities, schools
  • co-operation with e.g. World University Service, SOS children´s village, action medeor e.V.

Reference Projects






from left:

PAULA 4000 l/day: Sengerema Hospital (Mwanza), Tanzania: action medeor e.V., Touch Foundation – since January 2015

PAULA 4000 l/day: Children´s hospital (Kinshasa), Democr. Republic of Congo, Kimbondo e.V. – Since July 2016

PAULA 24000 l/day: Village Sukuro, Tanzania: Upendo e.V. – Since December 2016

Further projects are: 

Tam Nong Hospital, Vietnam | SOS children´s village Da Nang, Vietnam | SOS children´s village Ca Mau, Vietnam | Huong Song High School, Vietnam | Ha Tinh training school, Vietnam | Phan Chau Trinh middle school, Vietnam | Sengerema Hospital, Tanzania | Sukuro village, Tanzania | Children´s hospital Kimbondo, Democratic Republic Congo

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