Festo – Partner for water technology

Whether for municipal or industrial water treatment and sewage treatment: Festo offers individual automation solutions from concept creation to smooth operation. Powerful, economical and reliable solutions from a single source. Ranging from actuator technology to the field level, as individual components or a preassembled system, altogether more intelligent automation.

Industrial automation of potable, and wastewater treatment plants ensures customers have access to this high-quality resource whenever it is needed. Pneumatics presents a valuable and extremely reliable alternative to electrical automation systems, especially when it comes to meeting the requirements of water and wastewater treatment. Pneumatics, one of the indispensable core technologies for automation, has the additional advantages of robustness and cost-effective system solutions.

Festo is well placed to give you this information. A leading innovator in manufacturing and process automation, Festo has been active for many years in the area of water treatment, with complete, single-source automation solutions tailored to meet the needs of plant operators. Including intensive consultation and support through all the specific project steps of value creation.

62 national companies, engaged employees and a dense customer service network in more than 170 countries means that users all over the world can rely on us to supply them at very short notice with components, subsystems and systems for automation tasks. For more than 300,000 industrial customers, Festo is a valued business partner.