Liam Frank

Liam Frank (c) GWP

Field of expertise: Trade Fairs and Events

Carreer: Liam Frank completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in Marburg, focusing on International Relations and Comparative Politics. He later completed his Master’s degree in Development Studies at the University of Vienna. Here he focused in particular on policy for raw materials and the impact of extractivist development strategies on people and the environment. Especially his interest in development cooperation led him to his internship at German Water Partnership.

Language skills: German and English

Water means to me: Especially my experiences abroad have shown me that access to water is not as common everywhere as it is here. Safe access to clean water is a cross-sectional issue, as it affects so many aspects of our lives in society. A globally responsible approach to water is essential to ensure that everyone has access to this vital element of life in the future.

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