“Custom-made submerged membranes for water and wastewater treatment”:



WTA TECHNOLOGIES is a young German based company with a team of very experienced people, all together with decades of experience in submerged membrane module and application development.

What we would have shown at IFAT 2020

The unique MYTEX textile-based technology has been developed and continuously optimized over the last 17 years and is the most innovative and technology leading membrane product. With our worldwide references in different applications we could deliver smart solutions to our customers.

Andreas Bareth
Area Sales Director
Fritz-Bothmann-Str. 1
99867 Gotha

Tel. +49 176 57603959
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Poster Exhibition

Opel Zoo in Kronberg – Treatment of water from a penguin swimming pool
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Industrial wastewater treatment with submerged membrane bioreactor
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MYTEX can fit in any tank and can replace any existing membrane module
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