“Effective Water and Wastewater Solutions”

Tractebel GKW GmbH


Being part of Tractebel, a global player in energy, water and urban consultancy with about 5,000 experts and offices in 33 countries, Tractebel GKW ranges among the top international independent consultants for environmental engineering.

What we would have shown at IFAT 2020

Tractebel GKW provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the complete range of needs in the water and wastewater sector, from studies and master plans to detailed engineering, advisory services and operational support in water services development, both in urban and rural areas.

Tractebel GKW GmbH
Dr. Christoph Theune
Managing Director
Augustaanlage 67
68165 Mannheim
Tel. +49 621 41077-0
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Effective water and wastewater solutions
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