“OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY – treatment for lakes, drinking and waste water”



OASE is one of the global leaders in creating fascinating underwater scenes for both private and public settings. Founded in 1949, some 100,000 projects have been carried out in more than 100 countries, creating a global network of partners for planning, construction and maintenance.

What we would have shown at IFAT 2020

OASE Professional rehabilitates the natural state of lakes and provides clean drinking water to people all around the world. We clean wastewater and herewith help to make the planet a little bit cleaner. OASE Professional takes on the challenge of a sustainable usage of water in all its facets.

We will be more than happy to welcome you on our website to give you more information on our products and references. Please find our OASE Water Technology product catalogue online www.oase-professional.com.

Alexander Mirandah
Business Development 

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Organic solutions to combat sludge
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Innovative water treatment processes
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