“LIPP Stainless Steel Tank using the endless spiral weld process”



LIPP GmbH in Tannhausen is a specialist in construction of tanks. We offer high-quality tanks and system solutions made of stainless steel for industry and municipalities. Our unique design in the LIPP® system achieves the highest quality. With the focus on durability, flexibility and individual adaptability, we realize your project for container sizes from 100m³ to over 3000m³.

LIPP invented the tank construction using the endless spiral process and has continuously developed it over the past 55 years.

The welding process of the tank casing is recorded and documented 100% in parameters and images.

What we would have shown at IFAT 2020

LIPP GmbH is supplier of tanks and system solutions.
We build drinking water storage tanks directly on site with our in-house developed machines. The scope of delivery includes all necessary installation parts such as filters, overpressure-/underpressure safety device, manhole, sight glasses, and more.

Our ambition: We want to build drinking water tank systems of the highest quality so that we can achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.

Our customers: engineering and planning offices

Matthias Kuck
Leitung Trinkwasser/Edelstahl

Industriestraße 27
73497 Tannhausen

Tel. +49 7964 9003-34
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LIPP Trinkwasserbehälter aus Edelstahl
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LIPP Drinking Water Tanks made from stainless steel
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LIPP Technology
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