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Wastewater collection and treatment systems have been the cornerstone of CDM Smith’s engineering services for over 60 years and we understand that effective water management is critical to both our public and private clients. We have developed sustainable water and wastewater management strategies to minimise consumption, reduce or eliminate discharges, reduce operating costs, and meet regulatory requirements—while also enabling industrial water and wastewater systems to be integrated with primary plant operations to enable beneficial reuse.

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We use our strong engineering capabilities to tailor treatment technologies to a wide range of client needs. Adapting to the specific requirements of the country and industry and the resulting unique set of concerns and criteria, our teams of experts offer the full spectrum of water and wastewater services, ranging from water treatment, water reduction and recycling/reuse, to wastewater and stormwater management.

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Delivering Solutions Around the World
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Water, Wastewater and Water Reuse
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Waste Management
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