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awama GmbH


awama combines its smart technology with the ecological and economic goals of its customers: energetically and materially efficient wastewater and sludge treatment.

We are oriented towards the goals of society as a whole, the legal framework, innovations and the existing proven technology.

What you will see at IFAT 2020

Learn why to change your running system with awama.technology.

awama.flocculation (AMF) is the catalyst for automated and intelligent conditioning of sludge.

awama.steam (DryD) is the turbocharger for wastewater treatment.

Two exceptional processes in wastewater treatment: awama.advanced.


awama GmbH
Dr. Jochen Gaßmann
Alte Frankfurter Str. 182
38122 Braunschweig

Kontakt+49 531 3939 8902
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awama – young, unconventional, sustainable
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Steam process DryD: treating sewage & sludge thermally – CO2-neutral
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The automation of flocculation by intelligent conditioning of sludge
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