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is a specialist in the field of wastewater technology and decentralized sewage treatment plants, we are committed to the water resources of our planet. We are constantly working on innovative, simple and user-friendly water-related solutions. 

Facts about ATB: 

  • Founded in 1999 by Dagobert and Markus Baumann 
  • Located in Germany, branches in Belgium, France, Romania / partners worldwide 
  • Associated companies:
    BBW: Tanks made of concrete precast elements 
    B&N: Maintenance and service by B&N 
  • More than 100 people work for us 
  • More than 500,000 people worldwide use our systems 

What we would have shown at IFAT 2020

Wastewater treatment plants for many industries:

  • Beverage and food industry 
  • Tourism industry 
  • Municipal wastewater 
  • Sewage treatment plants 
  • Water farming 
  • and more… 

We are experts in: 

  • Wastewater purification with minimal costs 
  • Treatment of highly polluted wastewater streams 
  • Treatment of strong detergents or disinfectants 
  • Strong temperature fluctuations 
  • High organic loads 
  • Wastewater reuse 

Our technical solutions: 

  • SBR sewage treatment system AQUAMAX®
  • SBR sewage treatment system PUROO® 

Hella Denker
Assistant to the Management
Südstr. 2
Porta Westfalica

Tel. 05731 – 30 230 657
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Poster Exhibition

Wastewater treatment plans for many industries
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As an expert in the field of wastewater treatment plants, we offer special solutions for almost every industry. Each industry has its own rules and challenges. In many industries, for example, we find high organic loads paired with strong fluctuations in daily water quantities.