Due to the historical ties between Russia and Germany, German Water Partnership has an outstanding network in Russia. Particularly noteworthy is the cooperation with the Russian Water and Wastewater Association (RAWW) as well as with the National Union of Waterworks and the Russian Society for Water. This allows our member companies direct entry into the Russian market.

Our members participate in the modernization and expansion of the Russian water sector and are involved in the field of process engineering and consumption optimization. There exist numerous investment opportunities for German companies, especially in the fields of water loss reduction in water supply systems and in water quality improvement.


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INVITATION | BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues

The time has come to rethink innovative water management! Register now to secure your spot at the first virtual BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues on February 25th, 2021.

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Deutsche und sambische Wasserversorgungs- und Abwasserentsorgungsunternehmen tauschen Erfahrungen bei der Bewältigung der COVID-19-Krise aus. Die Coronavirus-Krise erinnert uns daran, wie …

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The specialist for ceramic flat sheet membranes focuses primarily on non-European emerging countries. COO Miriam Sartor will explain which market …

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New at GWP: Pydro GmbH

The start-up company has set itself the goal of minimizing water losses and saving energy at the same time through …

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